Allison Homes shares top ways to destress this Stress Awareness Month

This Stress Awareness Month (April), we asked the Allison Homes team to share the top ways they reduce stress and improve wellbeing.

Stress Awareness Month is organised by the Stress Management Society, and this year’s theme is #LittleByLittle – highlighting how taking small steps each day towards better self-care and stress reduction can lead to significant improvements in mental health over time.

John Anderson, CEO of Allison Group, said: “We take mental wellbeing very seriously at Allison Homes, and our mental health first aiders are always on hand to help anyone experiencing stress. This Stress Awareness Month, we wanted to share some of the best ways we destress, and would encourage those who are struggling to reach out for support.”

Talk with peers, friends and family
Many of our team suggested connecting with people around you to talk about your day or any concerns you may have, instead of keeping your emotions bottled up. Talking with a close friend or relative can significantly increase your mood and help to reduce feelings of loneliness. James Farebrother, our Senior Financial Analyst, said: “Communication is key. If something at work or home is stressing you out, talk about it.”

Stay active
Short bursts of physical exercise are proven to boost your mood and are a great way to let off some steam. Our staff shared how they enjoy exercising as much as possible, by cycling, walking, running, visiting the gym, and playing their favourite sports. Our South West Buyer, Louise Sleep, commented that making time for exercising really helps her mental wellbeing, and Sales Consultant, Karen Heard, said: “I walk the South West Coast Path a lot with my dog. Sometimes I don’t see a single person, but the sea views always helps the soul.”

Get plenty of sleep
When coping with a lot of stress, many people end up getting much less sleep than usual. Our employees recommended getting a good night’s sleep, as this will help you to recharge quickly and provide you with enough energy to get through busy days. Julia Brass, Head of Group Marketing, advised that getting enough sleep before a workday is really important, especially if you have a long commute.

Schedule breaks from screen time
To allow your brain to recharge, schedule in time away from your phone, laptop or TV, and if you have a work phone make sure you turn it off outside work hours. Head of HR, Zoe Evans, always structures her day to include breaks from her screen, and Jessie Heath, our East Marketing Manager, said: “I turn my phone onto ‘do not disturb’ before I go to sleep, and try not to look at my work phone over the weekend.”

Practice mindfulness
A few of our team members recommended meditating, to help you relax and focus on the present. John Anderson, CEO of Allison Group, said: “I try and meditate every day. Understanding how your mind works is critical to understanding how to manage your own wellbeing.” Another employee likes to keep a journal to help declutter their mind after a long day, and Land Manager in our East Midlands region, Aimée Watts, said: “I utilise a habits tracker, to focus on the days’ goals and how successful the day has been. It really helps to remember the good parts of a day, even if there have been some challenges.”

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Allison Homes makes Easter donations to local foodbanks

We are proud to have celebrated Easter by donating a total of 122 chocolate eggs to local foodbanks across two of our regions.

Our East region organised a collection amongst staff across both our Peterborough head office and nearby sites and were able to donate a total of 100 eggs. Over in our South West region, staff were able to come together to collect 22 eggs.

The successful collections means families in need of assistance will be able to enjoy a special treat for the occasion.

The eggs collected from our East region were donated to Peterborough Foodbank which was opened in October 2012 by local churches and community groups, working together to stop hunger in the local area. Donations from the public make up the vast majority of the food they distribute, making them crucial to their continued operation.

Julie Gooding, Community Action Development Worker at Peterborough Foodbank, said: “We are so grateful for this generous donation. It will make such a difference to our families to have eggs this Easter when they would otherwise have gone without. Thank you so much, there will be lots of happy children thanks to Allison Homes.”

The eggs collected in our South West region were handed over to Churches Housing Action Team (CHAT). The charity, founded in 1995, supports those experiencing homelessness or food insecurity across mid Devon and gave out almost 4,000 food parcels last year.

A representative for CHAT said: “Many thanks to Allison Homes South West for the generous and thoughtful donation of 22 Easter eggs.”

John Anderson, CEO of Allison Group, said: “At Allison Homes giving back to the communities we build in is at the core of what we do, and we will always look for ways to do so. I’d like to thank all of our staff who donated and commend everyone at both Peterborough Foodbank and CHAT for all the important work they do.”

To find out more about Peterborough Foodbank, visit

To find out more about CHAT, visit

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Allison Homes welcomes trio of senior appointments

We are delighted to have welcomed three new senior members to our team over the last few months.

Ian Trinder, Joe Marks and Georgina McCrae have been appointed as Chief Financial Officer, Head of Engineering and Planning Director respectively, with the latter two working for our East region and Ian operating at a Group level.

Ian, originally from Newcastle and now living in Winchester, said: “I’ve been lucky to work with some of the world’s biggest and most successful real estate and private equity investors, and am looking forward to using this experience. Allison Homes is a great business in an undersupplied market and has huge potential.

“Since joining, I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the team, the commitment and the team spirit. We’re making great progress and following the move to our new office in Peterborough, morale is high and it feels like a real turning point for the business.

“Our main objectives are to make sure we secure more land, particularly in the South West and East Midlands so the business can grow and reach its potential, complete on a number of Partnership deals which are in the pipeline, and ensure we have consistent sales performance across all sites.”

Joe, from Rushden, commented: “It’s satisfying to see sites progress and not only see houses constructed but also infrastructure and facilities improved for local communities.

“As the market picks up for us and our competitors, the ability to achieve planning approvals and Section agreement approvals from the local authorities, within suitable timeframes to meet our program for growth, is going to be a major challenge. However, with the excellent team we have in place here at Allison Homes East I feel that we can meet it.

“The ability to lead and mentor junior members of staff and see them grow and improve also makes me feel proud and I look forward to seeing what we achieve together.”

Georgina, based in Lincolnshire, said: “Throughout my career, I’ve loved seeing vibrant communities become established on sites I’ve taken through the planning process. Watching them progress from a concept on paper to a place to live and enjoy, successfully integrating with the wider existing settlement, is something I’m very proud of.

“I’ve joined the business at a really exciting time. These next few months will be demanding for myself, the team and wider business, but with lots of existing land to convert into planning permissions and more on the way, it’s providing the challenge I was hoping for!

“My main priority is to build the Planning Team to meet the needs of the business, and our focus is to secure timely and viable planning consents to secure future Allison Homes development sites. We need to be flexible to the changing market demands and planning plays a big part in adapting our developments and homes to meet that.”

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Allison Homes shares expert mortgage saving advice

Here at Allison Homes, we understand the challenges homebuyers are facing with mortgages, so we have enlisted the help of independent mortgage expert Jason Blunden, Managing Director at Evolve Financial Solutions, for his top tips on getting the cheapest mortgage possible.

John Anderson, CEO of Allison Group, said: “We know that it is a tough market to get the best rate on a mortgage, but we hope that Jason’s tips can help alleviate homebuyers’ concerns and inform them that there is a plethora of ways to save on a mortgage.”

1. The larger the deposit, the larger the saving:

Deposits are one of the most important aspects of saving money on your mortgage, as a larger deposit means that homebuyers will be looking at a mortgage with a better rate of interest.

Jason clarifies: “The deposit doesn’t have to be all the homebuyers’ money, it can be gifted to them by a family member to help them make up their minimum 5% to buy a property. There are schemes on offer, such as Generation Home which enables homebuyers and their families to pool their money for a deposit, with a potential return on investment for the family members contribution depending on the growth of the property.”

2. Clean credit history:

“It’s very important to understand that all payments are made and that homebuyers keep up to date with any financial commitments, such as credit cards or loans. Any late payments or missed payments, or even payments not happening at all, can lead to things such as defaults or court action. This in turn will lead to some lenders not granting mortgages.” explains Jason, highlighting the importance of making payments for loans and credit cards on time to secure the best rate on a mortgage.

3. Know your budget:

A common mistake when applying for a mortgage is prospective buyers not calculating their budget correctly. Jason goes on to say: “It’s important that those looking to secure a mortgage have a meeting with an advisor to understand exactly what they can afford. There are a lot of small costs, such as a gym membership or a daily Starbucks, that could be cut back on and help stretch the mortgage budget further.”

4. Look out for energy savings:

We pride ourselves on our homes’ energy saving capabilities, which can help homebuyers secure a mortgage through the savings they will make on their energy bills.

Jason explains: “When considering your first purchase, don’t forget to consider the extra costs associated with running a property. Often looking at a new build property can save you on average £184 per month, so this can be brought into consideration when you are looking at the monthly costs of a mortgage.”

Homebuyers can also consider green mortgages, which are designed to reward those who prioritise buying a home that has eco friendly features, or is energy efficient. Buyers can receive a better rate by taking advantage of these types of mortgages, and at Allison Homes we have a variety of energy efficient homes on offer.

5. Utilise homebuying schemes:

Jason’s final point emphasises the importance of taking advantage of the various homebuying schemes available. He said: “Developers can look at helping with slightly higher mortgage costs by offsetting these with a subsidy, or even helping towards a larger deposit, so it’s always great to chat with a sales executive to know exactly what offers are available to you.”

To help make mortgages more affordable, we have partnered with Own New on its Rate Reducer scheme. When purchasing with us, buyers can access mortgage rates below 1.87 per cent*.

6. Buying property is a solid investment:

Historically, homebuyers could always rely on property prices rising, and now they could be waiting a very long time for interest rates to drop to levels as low as we’ve seen in recent years. The rates are much more likely to normalise soon, so we would recommend not waiting around too long!

To find out about the homes we have on offer and speak with our sales team, visit

*Full terms and conditions apply, visit Example assumes a 5% homebuilder incentive and is based on mortgage rates available in the market, with a 2 year initial period and an LTV of 75%. Savings made in the initial fixed period. Independent financial advice must be sought from a regulated mortgage broker to access this scheme. Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or other debt secured on it. Rates valid as of 18/03/2024.

Allison Homes partners with Own New to help homebuyers access a low rate mortgage

We have proudly partnered with Own New on its new Rate Reducer scheme*, helping property seekers secure a low rate mortgage, with rates as low as 1.87 per cent**.

Rate Reducer is a unique mortgage that allows first and second time buyers to purchase a new build home with a low rate mortgage, fixed for two or five years, and reduced monthly payments during the initial mortgage period.

By purchasing with Allison Homes, homeseekers could access mortgage rates below 1.87 per cent** with Own New Rate Reducer.

Own New works behind the scenes with housebuilders and lenders to reduce the overall cost involved with mortgage loans on new build properties. The reduction is funded by housebuilders’ contributions towards the cost of the mortgage and enables the lender to offer borrowers more competitive interest rates during the initial period of their mortgage.

John Anderson, CEO of Allison Group, said: “Rate Reducer is a brilliant scheme that will help many property seekers achieve their dream of home ownership with a low rate mortgage. We understand the challenges homebuyers have faced in recent times with rising interest rates and the cost of living crisis, which is why we are so delighted to be offering Rate Reducer to our customers.

“This scheme is a game changer and will make the homebuying process much more affordable, allowing buyers to focus on the excitement of moving into a new home and community. We are very proud to be partnering with Own New to offer our customers this helping hand.”

Eliot Darcy, founder of Own New, said: “Higher interest rates combined with high inflation and the resulting squeeze on household budgets have made it more difficult for people to purchase their next home. With the support of our house builder partners like Allison Homes, the Rate Reducer scheme is making it possible for buyers to purchase the home of their dreams, while keeping monthly mortgage repayments to a level they can afford.”

We currently have a range of homes available across our East and South West regions that can be purchased with the Rate Reducer scheme. To find out more and find your nearest development, visit

For more information on Own New, visit

*T&Cs apply.

**Full terms and conditions apply, visit Example assumes a 5% homebuilder incentive and is based on mortgage rates available in the market, with a 2 year initial period and an LTV of 75%. Savings made in the initial fixed period. Independent financial advice must be sought from a regulated mortgage broker to access this scheme. Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or other debt secured on it. Rates valid as of 18/03/2024.

Our visit to homelessness charity ‘Ferry Project’ in partnership with Accent Group

Following a recent donation, John Anderson, CEO of Allison Homes, visited the Ferry Project, a homelessness charity in Fenland. The visit underlines the developer’s commitment to supporting the local community linked to its latest Partnership development, Whittlesey Green.

Anderson’s visit (on 19th February 2024) comes after a substantial £13,000 donation, representing a notable advancement in Allison Homes’ newly established ‘Partnerships’ division, dedicated to offering high quality affordable homes across all of its operating regions.

Ferry Project, an independent charity operating in Fenland since 1998, offers support by providing emergency and longer-term accommodation to those experiencing homelessness and vulnerability. The charity reaches out to about 80% of Fenland’s homeless community and has guided nearly 3,000 individuals on their journey toward independent living.

The substantial donation from Allison Homes, made in November 2023, contributed to renovating a commercial kitchen into a modern cookery school at the Ferry Project’s headquarters. The donation was made to mark the start of the Whittlesey Green development and developer’s strategic commitment to donating £100 for every new home contracted through a partnership scheme to a local charity.

Allison Group has recently formed a partnership with Accent Housing, a national provider and developer of affordable homes. Launched in March 2023, the new division, known as ‘Allison Partnerships’ is dedicated to working with housing providers such as Accent Group, to deliver homes for shared ownership or affordable rent.

The Whittlesey Green development will provide 130 new affordable homes, as a mix of shared ownership or social rent. The new homes will form a community on the outskirts of the market town of Whittlesey, within easy reach of local facilities and Peterborough. The homes have been designed to meet customer needs in a range of styles and sizes, from two-bedroom to four-bedroom houses, and are due for completion next year. This is currently one of Accent’s largest schemes being delivered through their strategic partnership with Homes England.

Sarah Ireland, Executive Director of Strategy and Growth at Accent Housing said:

“Accent Group is delighted to have formed such a successful partnership with Allison Homes. Our social values align, and we are proud to be working in collaboration with a construction partner who is keen to give back to the local community through charitable giving and sponsorship. We are looking forward to working together to provide more affordable homes to those in highest need. We eagerly await the completion of our Whittlesey Green scheme, which will provide 130 new, safe and sustainable homes for local couples and families.”

After having a tour of the new community kitchen at Ferry Project and learning more about the charity, John Anderson shared his thoughts:

“It is very inspiring to see how our donation has been put into action at Ferry Project. Keith and his team are doing exceptional work to support the homeless community in this part of the country. This new community kitchen is just one of the progressive ways they are helping to empower and assist people in housing need. It’s a privilege to be able to support them with this donation.”

He continued: “We want to develop meaningful links with the communities that we build in, so it’s a pleasure to bring our ‘Kindness’ value to life today by coming to see Ferry Project and supporting the community of Fenland. We look forward to continuing to support them alongside our partners Accent Group.”

Keith Smith, Director of Ferry Project explained what the donation has meant:

“2023 was a transformative year for us, with huge steps made in our build and renovation projects.  Using the Allison Homes donation we were able to transform our old commercial kitchen into a cookery school. The school will hold private courses and fund free classes for our clients and the vulnerable in our community, teaching them how to cook healthily and cost-effectively.

“We plan to run classes and clubs which will bring groups together who may be lonely or struggling with mental or physical health issues. Since we opened, 230 people have attended our workshops and cooker events. This year we will continue to deliver more of these activities and forge more links with community groups.

“We are extremely grateful for the generous support from Allison Homes. As we continue to upgrade our facilities it allows our incredible support team to work more effectively with our clients, giving them a more personal and welcoming place to stay, so that they are able to receive the love and support that the Ferry Project gives so brilliantly.”

To find out more about Allison Partnerships, please visit:

For more information about Ferry Project, please visit:

Allison Homes launches scheme to help homeowners shrink their mortgage costs

We are proud to be launching a purchase contribution scheme, helping property seekers across the country to reduce their monthly mortgage costs.

Homebuyers who reserve selected homes on or before 31st March 2024 will receive a contribution from Allison Homes upon completion. This can then be put towards homeowners’ monthly mortgage costs, helping them be reduced to the equivalent of a two per cent fixed interest rate, for up to two years*.

The contribution will be based on a 35-year mortgage with a 90 per cent loan to value (LTV) ratio, and capped at five per cent of the home’s purchase price.

Michele Jones, Head of Sales at Allison Homes South West, said: “We understand how challenging the current market is for homebuyers, which is why we’re happy to be launching our purchase contribution scheme. With this offer, our goal is that many more property seekers will be able to secure their dream Allison home and minimise their expenses.

“Our homes in both our East and South West regions are proving hugely popular, so we would encourage anyone who is interested to get in touch with our friendly sales teams without delay, to take advantage of this fantastic scheme.”

In our East region, the scheme is on offer at our three Lincolnshire developments, Frampton Gate, The Orchards and Tudor Reach, and three Cambridgeshire developments, Whittlesey Green, Harriers Rest and Abbey Park, as well as at Farriers Reach in Rutland, Kings Meadow in Newark, Nottinghamshire, The Oaks in Norfolk and Venus Fields in Suffolk.

For those looking to buy their dream Allison home in the South West, properties are available at our four Devon developments, Weavers Place, High Moor View, Foxglove View and Primrose Meadows.

*T&Cs apply. UK residents, 18+. Offer is for the aggregate cost of the difference in customer’s mortgage payments between 2% and up to 5% fixed rate for a maximum of 24 months (maximum cap of 5% of the purchase price) to be deducted from the completion statement. Contribution will be based on an indicative mortgage calculation based on 90% ‘loan to value’ ratio set for 35 year term mortgage. Available on selected homes only, on new reservations on or before 31st March 2024. Subject to lender’s criteria & approval. Exclusions apply. Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers & cannot be redeemed retrospectively. Conditional on paying full asking price unless otherwise stated. Not available as payment holiday or as cash. YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE OR OTHER DEBT SECURED ON IT. We will not provide you with mortgage advice, but you may wish to speak with a recommended mortgage broker. Promoter: Allison Homes Group Limited of Fleet House, Cygnet Road, Hampton, Peterborough, PE7 8FD. See for full T&Cs.

Allison Homes gifts homebuyers a £2,000 voucher this New Homes Week

At selected developments, we are treating homebuyers who reserve this New Homes Week (Monday 26th February to Sunday 3rd March) to a £2,000 John Lewis gift voucher*.

New Homes Week is an annual campaign ran by the Home Builders Federation (HBF), celebrating all the benefits of new build homes. During the week, the HBF will provide property seekers with guidance and information about new homes, such as the increased energy efficiency and simpler buying process, all around this year’s theme of ‘Tomorrow awaits: Make it yours’.

Homebuyers who reserve an Allison home during New Homes Week will receive a £2,000 John Lewis gift voucher upon completion, helping them to decorate their new home.

Across our East region, the offer is available at Frampton Gate, The Orchards and Tudor Reach in Lincolnshire, Whittlesey Green, Harriers Rest and Abbey Park in Cambridgeshire, Farriers Reach in Rutland, Kings Meadow in Nottinghamshire, The Oaks in Norfolk and Venus Fields in Suffolk.

In our South West region, homebuyers can benefit from the incentive at Weavers Place, High Moor View, Foxglove View and Primrose Meadows in Devon.

This limited-time offer is only available during New Homes Week and will be guaranteed on top of any other incentives we are running at the time.

Ahead of New Homes Week, the HBF published new statistics from its ‘Watt a Save’ report1, which found that new build homes are 55 per cent cheaper than existing properties in terms of energy bills.

The report details that, on average, buyers of new build houses save up to £184 per month, totalling more than £2,200 a year. New properties require significantly less energy use, as on average they are 66 per cent more energy efficient and emit 61 per cent less carbon than older homes.

Michele Jones, Head of Sales at Allison Homes South West, said: “Everything we do at Allison Homes is with the homebuyer in mind. Our goal is to make the process of moving into a brand new home as exciting as possible, which is why we’re offering new buyers a £2,000 gift this New Homes Week.

“New Homes Week is a fantastic campaign and one that we’re proud to be a part of. There are so many advantages to living in a new build property, and we’re looking forward to connecting more people with their dream home.”

For more information on New Homes Week, visit

*UK, 18+. Offer available between 26th February and 3rd March 2024. £2,000 John Lewis & Partners voucher issued at time of completion. Visit for full details.


Allison Homes East opens new show home on popular Peterborough development

Our East region has officially opened the show home on the second phase of our Abbey Park development in Thorney, with former landowner Michael Sly.

Abbey Park is situated off Deer Park Way, just 12 miles from our new head office, and consists of 68 three and four-bedroom houses for sale in Peterborough, which all feature solar panels as standard.

Previous landowner Michael Sly, who is also Director of Park Farm Thorney and Chairman of The Thorney Society, cut the ribbon to the development’s new four bedroom show home, The Aspen, before receiving a tour of the property.

Michael said: “I was honoured that Allison Homes invited me to cut the ribbon to open the new show home in Thorney. It was wonderful to be given a tour of the Abbey Park development and see how well the scheme is progressing.

“I’m sure that residents will be extremely happy here, and I wish Allison Homes all the best for the future.”

Following the official launch, buyers who have already reserved homes at Abbey Park were invited to receive private tours of the show home, giving them a taste of what life will be like once they’re moved in.

Interested property seekers are now able to meet with the sales team to tour The Aspen for themselves, find out more about the available homes and learn about the homebuying schemes on offer, such as Part Exchange and Assisted Sale.

The Aspen is a stylish family home, offering the best in modern design and priced from £410,000. The home opens into a hallway, from which an open plan kitchen/dining area, living room, study and cloakroom can be accessed. The spacious kitchen/dining room is the perfect space for entertaining in and spending time together as family, benefiting from French doors leading to the rear garden and a separate utility room.

Upstairs are four bedrooms, one of which features an en suite, and contemporary family bathroom. The home is completed with a single garage and two parking spaces.

Kelly Toms, Sales and Marketing Director at Allison Homes East, said: “It was a real pleasure to have Michael Sly cut the ribbon to our brand new show home. The Aspen is a fantastic home and we are delighted that it’s now open for property seekers to tour.

“We are looking forward to showing customers around this wonderful home and hope they love it just as much as we do. We’d encourage anyone who is interested in making the move to Abbey Park to get in touch with our sales team to find out more.”

Thorney is a historical, peaceful village which is located less than eight miles away from Peterborough. The village is home to the impressive Thorney Abbey, a community centre, independent tearoom and dog park. For families, there is Smiley Faces nursery and Duke of Bedford Primary School, both rated “Good” by OFSTED.

To find out more about Abbey Park and the available houses for sale in Peterborough, visit or contact the sales team on and 07483 092042.

Planning Inspectorate Greenlights 110 New Homes in March

We are delighted to share a significant milestone for Allison Homes and the community of March.

More than 100 much-needed new homes have been allowed on appeal by the Planning Inspectorate after Fenland District Council Planning Committee’s decision to refuse a planning application in the market town of March.

The Planning Inspectorate determined that the committee’s reasons for refusal were not sound or justified and that the proposal complied with the Council’s planning policies.

The site, off Upwell Road in March, had already been identified by Fenland District Council as a suitable location for housing in the council’s most recent draft Local Plan – a key local planning policy created by local councils that confirms where it would like to see new homes built to support its growth needs.

The plans had also been recommended for approval by the council’s planning officers as the application complied with the Local Plan policies and the proposal had suitably addressed drainage, flooding, and traffic matters.

The decision by the Planning Inspectorate means that the application has now been approved and work can begin, once detailed designs (Reserved Matters) have been approved and relevant conditions discharged.

The new development, which will be built by Allison Homes, will create 110 high quality new homes in a variety of sizes and styles to meet local need, and will include up to 22 much needed affordable homes which will be provided through registered housing associations or affordable housing schemes to support local people. The development is also expected to provide around £300,000 towards NHS, highway/footpath improvements and local library provision through developer contributions.

Glyn Mabey, Managing Director of Allison Homes East Region, said: “While we take no joy in appealing the decisions made by planning committees, in this instance it was clear that our plans had met all the requirements set out by the council’s planning policies, on a site that the council had identified as a place where it would like to see new houses built.

“We understand the concerns that local people have regarding traffic congestion and flooding. As with all our planning applications, we are required to work closely with planning officers, statutory consultees and Anglian Water, to make sure that all these areas are thoroughly considered, and the necessary on-site and off-site infrastructure is put in place to support the new development. With this application, all bodies were happy with the plans that had been put in place.

“Now this decision has been made, we will now work quickly to present detailed designs of the houses and layout for final approval. We then look forward to starting to build the new homes later this year.

Full details of the Planning Inspectorate’s decision can be found here.