Transitional Design – How To Pull Off Mixing the Old with the New

Over the years, interior design trends come and go and every decade or so we see a big shift in how people live in their spaces. But one trend that never goes out of style is transitional design.

Transitional Design is the term used for a modern mix of classic and contemporary. Picture a modern home with sleek architectural lines, carefully crafted modern staircase, but at the bottom of the stairs is a 18th Century French commode. This relationship between highly decorative antiques and modern architecture has become very sought after. It tells the story of a family, referencing their history, or taste as an antique collector, but also of their forward looking take on modern architecture.

It might seem difficult to achieve a cohesive look when mixing such opposing styles, but it can be very impactful if you follow a few simple rules. The larger the item, the more ornate and colourful, the more space it needs. If you have one single ornate piece, think about putting it against a plain wall making a stronger statement than using the same piece in a room filled with modern furniture. Limit your use of accessories; you are adding artful details through your mix of furniture and materials – you do not want to make your room look too busy.

You do not need to have such extremes to make this work for you though, a treasured family object on a modern bookshelf will tell a similar story. However, we think the trick is to keep the background modern and the object or furniture ornate and old.

Design is so subjective and these are simple guidelines based on what we see and experience working with our clients. Your home is your castle and it is up to you to design a home that makes you feel wonderful in it.

Need more inspiration? Why not style new home with old designs?