Top Tips For Selling Your Home

So, you have your heart set on a beautiful new Allison home, and now you want to sell your house – fast. The property market is competitive, but there are some tried and tested changes you can make that will not cost the earth and can help your house appeal to buyers.

Tackle your To-Do List

Your first job is to fix any outstanding problems with the building, and make sure all repairs are done correctly. Fix leaking taps, replace the broken doorknob, and start to tick off any other issues that need to be addressed. Small jobs can make a big difference and you do not want buyers to be distracted by issues that can easily be rectified.

Declutter and Clean

Buyers want to see open clear spaces so it is easier for them to picture where their items could live. Remove the clutter that will distract them from seeing how great your property is. Clutter automatically draws the eye to it, and this means they will be looking at your clutter instead of the property you are trying to sell. Keep hallways clear of mail, shoes and coats and get rid of excess toiletries in the bathroom. It is also essential to clean everything thoroughly ahead of any viewings. Put simply, clean houses are easier to sell.

Focus on Flow

Being able to easily move through a space is key. Move any bulky furniture that is blocking the natural flow throughout the home. If you need to store furniture in your garage or shed, then do so. The easiest way to test your home’s flow is to put yourself in the shoes of your buyers. Enter your house as if for the first time – how does it feel? Are there any obvious obstacles that impact on how you move from room to room?

Go Green

People feel better when they can see plants and trees, so if you do have a great garden, make sure it is visible from the inside. Clear any furniture that is blocking windows and make sure that the curtains are open as wide as possible. In addition, add some potted plants to the interiors and fragrant diffusers to add a gentle scent. Do not overdo it, but a few key plants placed around a home instantly changes the energy of the space. Do not underestimate how flowers add a homely feel and relaxed lived-in ambience.

We hope you find our tips for selling your home helpful! Interested in our Allison Homes developments? Click here.