Corner Sofas Vs Regular Sofas

It is Friday night. The film you have spent an absolute age choosing on Netflix is about to start. Glass of wine (or cup of tea) and popcorn in hand. But, in this scenario, are you snuggled up on a regular sofa or a corner sofa? Given the choice, which would you pick when buying a sofa?

Corner sofas have become more popular than the more traditional two or three-piece suites in recent years. A corner sofa can make a statement and is the ultimate in comfort and indulgence. But, when it comes to buying a sofa, should you plump for one? Undoubtedly, that decision will come down to your individual preferences, the size and shape of your living room and the style of your home. To start you off though, here are a few things to consider.

Little and Large

If you are fortunate enough to have a large living room, a corner sofa can be positioned to break up the space and create distinct zones in the room. Equally, a smaller sized room can still carry a corner sofa – in fact they can be a space saver. One of the biggest advantages of a corner sofa is the fact that they can simply seat more people than standard sofas – especially when you count in the amount of floor space they use. Placing a corner sofa in one corner of a room gives you plenty of room for everyone to sit down comfortably without having to look for additional chairs when you have guests!


Your choice of sofa can make a big difference to the vibe you want to create for your living room. If you want an intimate atmosphere, you may wish to opt for a snug two-seater sofa. A sprawling corner sofa may suit a family-centred space that exudes relaxed fun.

Modern or traditional

Corner sofas tend to be more modern in style and naturally suit more contemporary homes. Meanwhile, period properties will usually be best served by a more traditionally shaped sofa with classic features such as scroll arms and castor legs.

Make yourself comfortable

Obviously, not all corner sofas are made equal…but generally speaking, they are comfortable. This is because they offer more space than a regular sofa and you can stretch out to your heart’s content. There are exceptionally comfortable regular sofas as well, of course. But for pure indulgence, corner sofas get the win in this category.


Conversely, a regular sofa will usually win when it comes to flexibility. And, if you are someone who likes to rearrange their furniture every six months, a corner sofa may not be for you. Having two (or more) separate sofas allows you more flexibility to play around with the layout and overall look of your room. The very nature of a corner sofa means it is heavy and cumbersome to move, and moreover, usually tied to being in a corner of the room (unless you are using it to break up a large space as mentioned above).

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