Working From Home Tips

During lockdown, many people have found themselves working from home, full-time. Even if working from home is not new to you, the situation we have found ourselves in means it was probably sudden and might be for an extended period of time rather than an odd day or two.

Here are 5 ‘work from home’ tips to help you be successful from home while looking after your physical and mental health.

1. Get Dressed

Yes, we know it is tempting to stay in pyjamas all day – but resist! You do not need to dress as formally as you might for a day in the office, but routine is important and the simple act of changing clothes serves as a signal that it is time to move into work mode and become focussed and attentive.

Besides, chances are you are going to be involved in video calls – you do not want to be that person caught in their pyjamas!

2. Use technology to communicate

Speaking of video calls…they are a great way to keep in touch with colleagues as well as family and friends. There are lots of online platforms available to facilitate group meetings over video and while it is not quite the same as meeting in person – it does mean you can bring your team together which can be a refreshing change from emails.

3. Designate a home office or work space

If you have a home office, that is perfect. Make sure it is tidy and clear away any clutter from your desk. If you do not have the luxury of an office or study, it is still important to create a designated workspace. Sitting with your laptop on the sofa is not a long term solution. Carve out a space on the kitchen or dining room table, or co-opt a dressing table. Get creative if you need to – but find your workspace.

4. Keep clearly defined working hours

Do not be tempted to extend your work hours into the evenings just because you have no plans. You will get your best work done and be more ready to transition back to the office if you stick to your regular hours.

And do not forget to take breaks, just as you would at the office. It is very easy to sit at your screen all day long. Take some time out for lunch and a tea break. If you can get outside for a walk and some fresh air, even better. This will help you create a routine and get through your day more productively.

5. Remember it is okay to socialise

You know how in the office you might talk to your colleague about their son’s birthday party at the weekend, or discuss that TV programme that everyone is watching? Well it is still okay to do that. Working from home, it is easy to lose the casual social interactions you are used to having throughout the day. Continue to check in with co-workers about things other than just work. And do not hesitate to reach out to a colleague to just ask how they are doing. Many people are feeling anxious and uncertain at the moment and making connections and looking out for each other is what could make the difference.

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