Bathroom Accessories – Your Buying Guide

It can be easy to forget about your bathroom – usually one of the smallest rooms in the house. But, is there anything nicer than a soak in the bath at the end of a long day?

Your bathroom deserves nice things! And you deserve your very own oasis of calm. Read on to find out how to make the most of your new home bathrooms…


As with every room in the house, lighting is so important as it immediately sets the mood for your bathroom. Wall lights and ceiling lights can both create an overall ambience and come in a wide range of forms and finishes. Shower or mirror lights provide accent lighting and when used well, give a feeling of relaxed luxury. A dimmer is a cost-effective way to play with lighting in your bathroom.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

You probably know already that mirrors can create the illusion of space, helping your bathroom to appear bigger than it actually is. But did you know, mirrors are also very helpful when it comes to emphasising light? A top tip is to place your mirror in front of a window or else in front of a light fitting, as it will instantly double the amount of light in the room.

Think about the size of your mirror. Most people fit a mirror above the sink, but if the size and shape of your bathroom allow it, consider mirroring an entire wall to maximise light and deliver impact.

When choosing your mirror, a slim frame will (obviously) take up less visual space – and a thick frame will make the space feel smaller, so avoid anything too chunky. Polished finishes will provide an extra hit of that all-important light.


A simple way to introduce colour and texture to your bathroom is to hang a photograph, painting or other piece of art. Choose something you love, and ideally something you find peaceful and comforting. Your bathroom probably is not the place to hang something unsettling! Although it may seem counterintuitive, it is actually a good idea to use large art instead of small as large pieces will fill the space and will not draw attention to the fact you are in a small space.

Shelve it

Whether you opt for a shelving unit or floating shelves, go for something that maximises your space. If you choose shelves that are open (actually, even if you do not!) you need to be strict with yourself to declutter cosmetics, hair products etc. If you do not use it, give it away or throw it away!

Be inspired by nature

Natural materials, such as stone, wood and wicker, will add visual interest without overwhelming your bathroom. Too much plastic or shiny metal draws attention in small spaces, whereas the more natural you go, the more the room has space to breathe.

Plants love the high humidity of a bathroom, so consider making room for one or two to bring life and beauty and a positive boost of energy to your bathroom.

Bathroom accessory sets

Although bathroom accessories can be sold individually, they often come in sets that include liquid soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and soap dishes. Purchasing a set can help to pull your room together, and sets tend to look more expensive. Using a set like this can also be more eco-friendly if you buy refills instead of new bottles of soap.


Do not fall into the trap of having too many towels. You only really need two towels per person in the house, any more than that and you are creating extra washing and taking up space unnecessarily. Buy good quality matching towels in the colour of your choice and fold, roll or hang them on hooks, a rail or a ring in your bathroom to add a splash of colour.

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