New build homes to save homeowners over £3,100 a year

A new report from the Home Builders Federation (HBF) has found that new build homes owners’ average savings will increase to over £3,100 from April.

The report, called ‘Watt a Save’, was updated on Monday 20th February and found that, with energy prices set to rise again in spring and the Government’s Energy Price Guarantee cap increasing on Saturday 1st April, owners of new build houses specifically will see their average savings increase.

On average, buyers of new build properties currently save over £2,000 on household bills each year, the equivalent on £174 per month. Homeowners of new build houses see an average saving of £216 per month, equating to over £2,600 a year.

The HBF’s latest research shows that in December 2022, the average annual running cost of a new build was just over £1,400, compared to an average of over £3,500 for older properties.

Alongside the financial benefits, new build homes are also proven to be much more environmentally friendly.

The report details that in December 2022, 85 per cent of new builds were rated A or B for energy efficiency. In contrast, under four per cent of existing properties reached the same standards, and 51 per cent were rated D or lower.

New build homes also require significantly less energy use and emit over two tonnes of carbon less than older properties each year.

Michele Jones, Head of Sales at Allison Homes South West, said: “This is fantastic news for homebuyers across the country who are looking to make the move to a new home. Buying a new build property comes with many economic and environmental benefits, as buyers are generating valuable savings every month.

“As standard, all of our properties are purpose-built to be energy efficient and designed with superior insulation, heating systems, and low energy appliances and lighting. We take pride in providing people with homes that are energy efficient, enabling residents to live more comfortably and benefit from having lower bills.”

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The ‘Watt a Save’ report can be viewed here.