Moving House Checklist

Moving day! Most home-movers dread and look forward to the big day in equal measure. It is so very exciting, but can also feel like an impossible task…

You can eliminate some of the stress associated with moving by being organised and giving yourself plenty of time! Follow our “Moving into a New House” checklist

One month before…

  • Have a good clear out. Get rid of things you do not need or use – there is no point taking them with you!
  • Contact your telecoms provider to arrange for your telephone line to be connected

A few weeks before…

  • Start packing up things you know you will not need until after you have moved. Do not forget to label boxes – this will help you on the other side!
  • Measure up any big or bulky furniture you plan on taking. Will it definitely fit in the space you have designated for it in your new home?
  • Book a removal company. Some will provide packing boxes, so it is worth contacting a few.
  • Make sure your home insurance covers you during your move and at your new address
  • Arrange for your utility accounts to be finalised. Do not forget to register with your new providers at your new address, especially telephone and internet as these can sometimes take several weeks to be connected

Two weeks before…

  • Redirect your post – you can do this online at
  • Make a list of people and organisations you need to inform about your change of address. Send cards, emails or texts to friends and family and check out the free online change of address service – you only need to enter your details once and the website will update multiple companies and organisations at the same time (think banks, clubs, doctors, dentists, magazine subscriptions, schools, utility providers and vets, to name a few)

One week before…

  • Confirm arrangements with your removal company.
  • Remove anything fixed that you have decided to take (e.g. light fittings, curtain poles) and pack them

One day before…

  • Check with your solicitor that they are ready to transfer funds at the right time so you can collect your keys
  • Finish your packing! Remember to leave out toiletries and other bits you will need the next day.
  • Make up a ‘moving kit’ of drinks, snacks and useful tools (like a screwdriver, hammer, hooks, Stanley knife etc)

Moving day…

  • Take meter readings at your existing home
  • Do a final sweep to check nothing has been left behind. If you are leaving appliances, do not forget to empty the fridge and freezer!
  • Leave behind old keys and check you have received all the keys for your new home.