Lockdown Update

Dear Friends, Customers’ Colleagues and Partners.

I write following the Government announcement on Saturday that there will be another lockdown this coming Thursday 5th November – which will be an important step in reducing the rising infection levels of the Coronavirus pandemic.

As part of the government’s announcement, the decision has been made to keep schools and a number of essential businesses open. Home building is considered an essential part of the Government’s “Build, build, build” agenda and all construction companies have been told to carry on with their building programmes for residential housing.

Therefore, the Larkfleet Group of companies will continue to operate during this lockdown in line with Government’s guidance – and adhering to our own robust COVID-19 policies.

Our teams will work to ensure build and sales operations continue as safely as possible for all our customers, staff and suppliers. We already have established COVID-19 policies for working on our sites, in customers’ homes and offices – and our team will continue to rigorously apply these procedures and protocols to keep themselves and others safe.

If any of our subcontractors, or customers have any concerns, please contact your Larkfleet or Allison Homes representative.

I am confident in the Larkfleet Group’s ability to operate safely throughout this lockdown and we will work closely with all key stakeholders and partners in order to protect against anything that may risk the safety of staff and the public.

In closing I would like to thank our team, subcontractors, suppliers and stakeholders for their continued commitment and support during these challenging times.

Kind Regards,
John Anderson
Group Chief Executive