Allison Homes East branches out with planting of historic tree sapling in Corby Glen

Our Allison Homes East team has planted a sapling of the historic Kett’s Oak tree at our Corby Glen development, The Orchards.

Kett’s Oak, also known as the Oak of Reformation, is a veteran tree located in Norfolk, known as one of the country’s most famous and protected trees. In 2002 it was designated as one of 50 great British trees.

The tree’s name derives from Kett’s Rebellion, a revolt led by Robert and William Kett in 1549, as the oak was used as their meeting place.

Now, the tree is in poor condition and restoration work is being carried out to help maintain the tree for as long as possible. Weak branches are being supported by wooden beams and, after a health investigation into the tree’s roots, a natural soil improver is being used.

We received the sapling from a member of the Corby Glen community, Mick Franklin, to be planted in open green space near one of the footpaths at The Orchards development.

To celebrate the occasion, Mick was invited to visit the site and plant the sapling himself, alongside Charlotte Barber, Sales Manager at Allison Homes East and Wayne Green, Site Manager.

Mick said: “This sapling was given to me by my brother-in-law, Nick Coleman MSc Arb of Treecare Consultants Ltd Norwich, who raised it from an acorn. He left me two plants which he thought we might find useful for planting somewhere in Corby Glen.

“Having spoken to the Parish Council it was decided to approach the firms involved in the significant housing development in the village, who have happily agreed to include the trees on their sites. The planting of this Kett’s Oak will form a welcoming link to the new village from the old, as what can be more welcoming than communal trees?”

Kelly Toms, Sales and Marketing Director at Allison Homes East, said: “We are delighted to have planted a Kett’s Oak sapling at The Orchards. As soon as Mick approached us with the opportunity, we knew it was something we had to get involved with and we’re honoured that such a historic tree will now be a part of our site.

“At Allison Homes East we are committed to encouraging nature to thrive at our developments. We are looking forward to watching the sapling grow and to having it become a staple of The Orchards.”

The Orchards is open Thursday to Monday, 10am to 5pm. To find out more the development and available homes, call 07485 395156 or visit