Five Ways to Create a Stylish Yet Comfortable Home

We all know those fabulous homes you see in the architecture and home style magazines and TV shows – they are slick, sleek, modern and minimalist, but let us face it, not many people want to actually live in those cold impersonal spaces.

To create a home that is cosy but still stylish, here are a few tried and tested design tips for you to try.

1. Make it welcoming

Start with basic small comforts like feature pillows and soft organic throws. Painting the walls warm paint colours using tones of yellow or warm beiges. Brightly coloured walls can sometimes feel a little cold so stay close to the warm colours on the paint charts for a cosy home style.

2. Layer upon layer

When furnishing your home, think about each room having different layers. The main furniture pieces are your base. Introduce plants and additional natural materials, for example wooden trays and bowls, or beautiful handwoven baskets.

3. Light it up

It is worth taking some time to carefully plan the lighting in each room. Think about what you use your spaces for and what you want to highlight. Accent a room with soft ambient lighting and avoid overhead direct lighting which can be cold and harsh.

4. Choose items that bring you joy

When sourcing furniture and accessories, think about the provenance of the item. Does it come from a local maker? Is it responsibly sourced? Does the item actually make you feel good? It may sound silly, but often it is the small things that matter the most and the handcrafted engraved wooden bowl you display your fruit in might just make that fruit taste a little bit sweeter.

5. Make it yours

The last thing to do is to add in your personal items. These could be objects that you have collected, artworks, photographs and any other personal object that you feel a connection to. Too much clutter is not good, but you also want your home to feel like you, and it is the personal touches that will reflect that.

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