Find Your Place: A Community Called Home

Have you noticed how we have all got to know our neighbours over the past few months? Now, more than ever across the UK, and indeed the world, we need to feel a sense of community and belonging – ‘we’re all in this together’ is driving a camaraderie many of us have not seen in our lifetime.

It has been demonstrated from supporting keyworkers through the Thursday evening NHS claps, to on-the-ground Covid-19 support volunteers who have organised collections for groceries and essential medicines for neighbours; to passing the time of day with other dog walkers, joining driveway dances, social media group laments about home schooling, VE Day parties and so much more.

Building communities that will stand the test of time

The government is committed to delivering 300,000 new homes every year from 2020 to meet the demand. More importantly these homes will help to lower house prices and make it easier for First Time Buyers to get a foothold into home ownership. New houses also help to give everyone more choice on better planned, energy efficient homes.

Placing community at the heart of everything we do, Larkfeet Homes are designed for every stage of your life – with one to five bedroomed housing developments and retirement villages built in carefully chosen locations. All our developments feature green open spaces and set out to create a real sense of community.

Our founder, Karl Hick, works closely with the government, Home Builders Federation and other resident groups. He explains what community means to him and why he is devoted to creating sustainable communities.

“Right from being a child growing up, our house was the base that kept our family together. We were brought up where cash was tight but there was lots of love in the house. My parents’ mortgage was the anchor for responsibility and a good work ethic. More broadly, we were part of a community, and we looked out for one another. Housebuilders shouldn’t make buildings to sell, they should create just those sorts of communities to live in because the home underpins everything in family and community – home is where the start is.”

Samantha Hart, Sales and Marketing Director for Larkfleet adds, “Community is at the heart of all our developments, we carefully select land for developments that is close to existing communities and amenities. Developments are designed and planned thoughtfully so they are in keeping with the surrounding area.”

A perfect balance

Whittlesey Green is an excellent example of a new Larkfleet Homes community. This historic fenland town is where Callum and his partner have chosen to buy their first new home. They chose to live at Whittlesey Green because it provides a good balance; they wanted to be within close proximity to Peterborough city centre, but have the peace of countryside living for lots of walks with their cocker spaniel puppy.

Callum enthuses ‘The community here during lockdown has been amazing – partaking in the NHS clap on a Thursday and seeing volunteers dropping off supplies to people who are shielding, as well as a Facebook group set up to keep up to date with events across the estate.’

Home ownership without the heartache

A brand-new home on a new development is a great choice whether you are embarking on home ownership or looking to move on from your current property. New homes are relatively maintenance free, and more energy efficient so you can expect lower bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Depending on what stage your build is at, there is often an opportunity to personalise your home and tailor it to your exact requirements which is another huge advantage of buying a new build.

Buy with just a 5% deposit

There are also initiatives like the Government’s Help to Buy scheme for new build homes. This is an equity loan from the Government of up to 20% of the cost of your newly built home, so you will only need a 5% cash deposit and a 75% mortgage to make up the rest.

You will not be charged interest on the 20% loan for the first five years of owning your home.

Help to Buy is not just for First Time Buyers – it is available to you if you are moving on too, although the scheme is changing in 2021 so act now if you are thinking about a new home.

Did you think home ownership was a way off? Think again with Home Reach

Another route to affordable home ownership is to part buy, part rent. At Larkfleet, we offer this through Home Reach – a scheme that enables you to part own, part rent if you can not afford to buy all of your property in one go. Many of our developments have options with Home Reach, so there is lots of choice on types of homes and locations.

For example, you can buy as little as 25% of your home and rent the rest through the Home Reach scheme. Then, as and when you want to, you can buy more of your home or sell it if you decide to move on.

Here is an example of a £230,000 home on a 50% shared ownership scheme.

You can find out more about home buying options, as well as all Larkfleet developments, on various pages of this website. Alternatively, contact us for an informal chat about your options and what is available.