Top energy saving tips this Winter from Allison Homes

We’re helping homeowners save on their energy bills by sharing five top tips on how to reduce energy use, and encouraging property seekers to consider buying new.

Ben Rogers, Group Head of Design at Allison Homes, said: “At Allison Homes, we pride ourselves on building energy efficient homes and on helping our residents live a more eco-friendly and cost-effective lifestyle.

“It’s important for homeowners to be aware of the overall energy efficiency of their property and the related running costs. We hope that our top five tips help homeowners save energy and stretch their money that bit further.”

1. Stop draughts

Stopping heat from escaping through gaps could save up to £58 a year on energy bills.2 You can buy draught-proofing strips for window frames and draught excluders for doorways. Turning the temperature down is usually more tolerable if the warmth stays in the house, and even closing your curtains can help.

2. Get the most out of your radiator

Radiator reflectors help reflect the heat emitted from the radiator back into the room and can reduce the energy lost through walls. Try moving your furniture around too, as while it’s nice to feel the warmth of the radiator on the back of the sofa, any furniture placed in front of a heat source will affect its ability to heat up a room.

3. Pay attention to your thermostat

Instead of cranking up the heat on the thermostat when feeling the chill, set timers to give a room adequate time to heat up before touching the thermostat, as a boiler will heat up at constant speed no matter what. Also try turning the thermostat down by just one degree, as this can save you £145 a year and prevent 300kg of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

4. Watch the washing machine

Wait for a full load to be ready before running the washing machine. You can save about £30 annually by cutting one weekly wash and washing at 30 degrees.


5. Shower swiftly

As tempting as it is to stand under the warm water when it’s cold outside, spending one minute less in the shower can save you almost £35 on your energy bills, and around £30 on your water bill. Invest in more savings by purchasing a water-efficient shower head, which could reduce your utility bills by a further £50 a year.1

A report from the Home Builder’s Federation (HBF)2 revealed that, with the Government’s Energy Price Guarantee cap set to come down and bills continuing to climb, new build house owners’ average savings will increase to over £2,200.

On average, buyers of new build properties save over £1,600 on household bills each year, the equivalent of £135 per month. Homeowners of new build houses specifically see an average saving of £180 per month, equating to £2,200 a year.

The HBF’s research shows the average annual running cost of a new build is just over £1,300, compared to an average of just under £3,000 for older properties, which is a saving of 55 per cent.

The report also revealed that 85 per cent of new builds were rated A or B for energy efficiency. In contrast, just four per cent of existing properties reached the same standards, and over 50 per cent were rated D or lower.

As standard, all of our properties are purpose-built to be energy efficient, and designed with superior insulation, heating systems and low energy appliances and lighting.

We’re building a range of energy-efficient properties available to purchase across the country. To find out more, visit and start saving on your energy bills.