New build houses are 55% cheaper than existing properties

An updated report from the Home Builders Federation (HBF) has found that new build homes are 55 per cent cheaper than existing properties in terms of energy bills, saving owners of new build houses an average of more than £2,200.

The report, called ‘Watt a Save’, was updated this month (January 2024) and found that on average buyers of new build houses, rather than flats or bungalows, save up to £184 per month, totalling more than £2,200 a year.

Alongside the financial benefits, new build homes are also proven to be much more environmentally friendly.

The report details that 85 per cent of new builds are rated A or B for energy efficiency. In contrast, under five per cent of existing properties reached the same standards.

New build properties also require significantly less energy use. On average, they are 66 per cent more energy efficient and emit 61 per cent less carbon than older homes.

Charlotte Barber, Sales Manager at Allison Homes East, said: “It’s fantastic to see that new build homes continue to be more energy efficient and cost effective for homeowners. The environmental benefits of buying a new home translate into tangible and substantial savings for our customers.

“As standard, all of our properties are purpose-built to be energy efficient and designed with superior insulation, heating systems, and low energy appliances and lighting. We take pride in providing people with homes that are energy efficient, enabling residents to live more comfortably and benefit from bringing those bills even lower.”

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