Allison Homes helps school pupils blossom love for gardening

In honour of National Children’s Gardening Week, which is taking place from Saturday 27th May to Sunday 4th June, our Central region has donated wildflower seed packets and children’s gardening tools to four primary schools.

Corby Glen Community Primary School and Kirton Lindsey Primary School in Lincolnshire, Wittering Primary School in Cambridgeshire and John Hunt Academy in Newark each received 50 wildflower seed packets and two gardening tool kits, to encourage the pupils to learn a new skill and enjoy spending time in the school gardens.

Natalie Willcock, Headteacher at Corby Glen Community Primary School, said: “National Children’s Gardening Week is a fantastic way for us to inspire a love of gardening amongst our pupils. The seed packets and tools from Allison Homes have come at a perfect time as we have just started our very own gardening club, so this will be a brilliant project for the children.”

Charlotte Blake, Headteacher at Wittering Primary School, said: “We are thrilled to have received this donation from Allison Homes. The children are so excited to use their gardening kits and plant the seeds in September, once planting season begins. We can’t wait to see how our garden blooms, and would like to thank Allison Homes for celebrating National Children’s Gardening Week with us.”

Mallory Matthew, Sales Manager at Allison Homes, said: “Supporting the local community is a huge part of our ethos at Allison Homes, so when we heard about National Children’s Gardening Week we knew we had to get involved.

“This is a wonderful event, encouraging children to get outside and hopefully discover a new hobby. We are delighted to have made these donations to help pupils grow their very own wildflower gardens, and can’t wait to see the finished results.”

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