Allison Homes – New Ownership

Earlier this week we announced the acquisition of Allison Homes and Larkfleet Homes, the house building interests of Larkfleet Group.  

I and the rest of the leadership team are delighted to assume responsibility for taking the business to the next phase of its growth journey.  Larkfleet has established itself as a significant regional house builder and key contributor to its local economies.  In the most recent financial year the company delivered over £80m of economic benefit to the community including almost £25m spent on suppliers creating over 1,500 local jobs.

With significant financial support we now want to build on that legacy and grow the business substantially – our ambition is to build over 2000 homes a year in the next five years, focusing on the delivery of high-quality sustainable developments using innovative technology and construction methods.

We already employ over 200 people with offices in Bourne, Lincolnshire and in Norwich and Exeter.  We know that we will need to welcome more people if we are to achieve that ambition and we will be on the lookout for talented people to join our team in the months to come, particularly in the areas of land and business development.

I take our heritage and history very seriously. We’re extremely proud of all that the company has achieved so far and the close relationship we have forged with customers, suppliers and stakeholders while building new communities.  My personal ambition is to build on this success and strengthen those partnership as the company continues to grow.

I would like to thank Karl and Helen Hick for their support and trust in me and their wider management team and I would like to extend a special thanks to our entire team for their continued hard work and commitment. We have some very exciting times ahead.

Our overriding aim is to build a market leading, customer centric home builder with a focus on sustainable construction and how we meet the challenges of the climate emergency and the contribution that our company can make to the health and wellbeing of its people and its communities.


John Anderson

Group Chief Executive
Allison Homes