Allison Group Rebrands Larkfleet Homes as Growth Continues

As Allison Group embraces an ambitious growth strategy, it has announced that Larkfleet Homes will be rebranded as Allison Homes. The move comes after both brands were purchased by management and US investment firm PIMCO in November 2021.

The Group has developments in Lincolnshire, Rutland, Cambridgeshire, Devon, Somerset, Norfolk and Suffolk will be rebranding all current and future sites to Allison Homes. The move will introduce Allison Homes to new regions and mark the start of the company’s transition to becoming a national housebuilder.

John Anderson, CEO of Allison Group said: “Allison is a very well-known and respected name in the East Midlands and as we establish the foundations for our ambitious growth, we felt we needed to consolidate the business under one, strong professional brand. The team is making great progress in many key areas including build quality and service and using the Allison Homes brand everywhere will only reinforce engagement and harness our strengths”

The rebrand has also given the team the opportunity to refine the vision and values that shape the business as it is introduced to a much wider audience.

John continues: “Refining our vision and values has been an incredibly interesting and rewarding process. Now every member of our team has a clear understanding of our overarching ambition for this new era: To build high quality homes and thriving communities, whilst caring for the environment, our customers and our people.

“We are building relationships, not just great homes. Durable relationships, not only with our customers but with our supply chain, landowners, agents and all key stakeholders.

“The purchase by PIMCO has given us significant resources to reshape our business and drive our strategic growth – which will see us deliver 2,000 homes a year within the next five years. Despite these ambitious plans our values which include, kindness, integrity, and continuous improvement, will be central to our operation. This will ensure that the customer and their needs are the driving force as we strive to deliver high-quality developments using innovative technology and construction methods.”

To support the company’s renewed commitment to shaping their growth around the customer, their needs and experience, Allison Homes has started a major recruitment drive. Plans are in place for the head office team to grow further, along with the expansion of existing local offices in Tiverton, Devon and East Tuddenham, Norfolk.

John concludes: “Ultimately, we are a retail business and therefore the customer must be central to our approach. Improving their experience whilst delivering outstanding new homes, in the right places, will be key to meeting our growth ambitions.

“We’re all excited about the future as we move forward together as Allison Homes. There’s fantastic energy amongst all members of the team whether they are based on site or in the offices. And a renewed understanding of, and determination to place, customers back at the heart of our activity as we create houses they are proud to call home.”